Mia Sahl is a freelance journalist and editor based in Stockholm, Sweden.

She started her firm, Sahl media, in 2004 when she was still living in the mountain town of Åre. Her main customer from the start was american Outside magazine that launched a Swedish edition that same year. Besides  translating stories from English to Swedish she also wrote her own articles, focusing mainly on outdoor sports.

Her main topics shifted slightly when she moved to Stockholm and her work became more and more oriented towards health and wellness.

After a number of temporary employments as reporter and editor at several Swedish newspapers and magazines Mia decided to freelance full-time in 2007 – and has been doing so ever since. Mia takes on assignments as editor, web-editor, digital editorial strategist, researcher, translator and reporter.

She also writes travel reports and portrays people working in the equestrian world as often as she can. Mia has a BA in Geography and Biology from the Mid Sweden University and has studied applied journalism at Poppius school of journalism in Stockholm.  

Special interests:
Equestrian sports
Food and beverage
Italy and especially the Umbrian/tuscan region

Mias CV